Testimonials for Tamy Anderson and Thriving Primally Wellness

Carissa S.

If you are tired of trying anything and everything to regain your health, I would highly and wholeheartedly suggest you get in contact with Tamy Anderson. I've had chronic debilitating pain for as long as I can remember and had tried everything. I was reluctantly researching the possibility of taking medication when I found Tamy. Like any time before when I tried something new, I was nervous, yet I'm always optimistic that I'll one day feel better if I keep trying. In talking with Tamy, and hearing her share her personal journey, I knew I had found someone who truly understood what I've been through.

While telling her about my history, and answering her detailed questions about my health, I knew for certain that she cared, and wanted to help me rebuild my health and in turn my life. Since the day we've met, I've felt supported, understood, and cared for. Anytime I have a question or concern, she is there for me every step of the way, and for that, I am truly grateful. Since starting my health rebuilding program, I've experienced less pain, more energy, better sleep, and most importantly the confidence and excitement to know someday in the near future I will feel the best I've ever felt in my entire life. It's not easy, but it's certainly worth all that I've gained and continue to gain with Tamy's help.

Tamy's energy, compassion, knowledge, and empathy are unparalleled and I would recommend a health rebuilding program to anyone who is willing to put in the work by doing what Tamy recommends based on your personal health history. Tamy has been a bright light at the end of my dark tunnel and I would not be where I am in regaining my health without her.

James R. Shelby

Dear Tamy,

I cannot THANK YOU enough. When I first contacted you, it was with the hope that I could leverage your expertise and experiences to aid me with my health concerns; to which you have far exceeded. Let’s just say, I was a “HOT MESS”!!!

Sleep apnea, Mood issues (such as irritability, anger, mood swings, & being easily upset), Brain Fog (difficulty thinking/staying focused), Fatigue, Difficulty staying asleep (waking up in the middle of the night) and stubborn fat loss are just some of the health concerns I had when I started working with Tamy.

To be honest, I was skeptical at first, and feared that like some of my previous attempts to get healthy; I would fail once again. Not only was I having trouble finding the motivation, but I was nervous that I would not be able to stay true to the challenge. What I hadn’t realized was that this was going to be a complete lifestyle change: from the food I was eating to the exercise programs I had used to the recovery movements I never considered.

Learning about how to fuel my body (everything we put in our bodies is a choice), and how what I ate really affected my energy, attitude, and health – Learning to make the right choices is what I liked most about this health building program. The benefits and improvements were almost immediate. I had more focus, I started losing fat and gaining strength. I also noticed quicker recovery times after intense workouts and even a stronger immune system.

I would definitely recommend this program, it has changed my life; I will live longer for sure with the lifestyle change I learned from you. I had tried many times to get my health back on track, was frustrated with everything else and had given up, but when I heard your story of change; it piqued my interest and I had to give it a shot.

One more thing, I cannot stress enough - self-reflection was key to my success; committing to my goals helped me keep focus, as well as refocus when I hit a stumbling block. It’s ok if you fall off the wagon, as long as you get right back up and get at it.

Thank you,

James R. Shelby

Jessica C.

Persistent brain fog, stomach upset, gas, generalized fatigue, and weight gain. I am a medical professional and found that traditional Western medicine has no solutions for these problems. We can prescribe Viagra for erectile dysfunction, an antidepressant for brain fog and fatigue, and simethicone for gas but we aren’t addressing the root cause of these symptoms. I knew all my symptoms were connected somehow… but I didn’t have the advanced physiology concepts to diagnose the real problem, never mind the tools to fix the underlying cause.

I approached Tamy with the goal of weight loss in mind but what she helped me find… well, let’s not ruin the story. Over the past year, I had consistently gained weight despite an exponential increase in my physical activity level. I was at my wit’s end. I had met Tamy at CrossFit and had a conversation early on about what her business entails. I was not going to stop eating gluten and all the other things I love including ice cream to try out her theories on health. Besides, I had always been able to lose weight by increasing my exercise level. (Thinking to myself, “But she does look pretty darn good for whatever age she is.”)

In January, our gym did a competition around overall health improvement. I could not bring myself to be part of another competition. Every time I had done this in the past, I became hyper-focused on food and ended up gaining more weight. I decided to try a weight loss strategy of my own… I started another popular diet plan that worked for some friends of mine. Well, five weeks passed and those who did our gym’s health challenge looked amazing. Me, I was still tired, gassy and overweight. And I was again defeated by another failed attempt at weight loss.

I broke down. I was finally ready to change. I hated the idea of cutting out carbohydrates like rice, quinoa, pasta, and bread. What would I eat? How would I manage? How would I find time to do all the food preparation necessary to make this huge life change? Would my husband support me? Also, and most importantly, I LOVE ICE CREAM! How would I live without it? The obstacles seemed insurmountable but I was so tired and I was sick of hating myself. So for me, this was it. It was time for a HUGE life change.

What I liked best about working with Tamy was that she immediately helped me shift my focus from strictly “I need to lose weight” to “I need to get rid of my gastrointestinal issues and heal my body.” Had I not started looking at the weight I had gained over the course of my adult life (about 45 pounds) as a symptom of a larger underlying health issue, I would not be where I am today. On day 4 of changing my life, I was food prepping in my kitchen. It was 8:30 pm and I was tired. I made 4 different recipes… and the first 2 turned out terrible. I started to cry. It was that moment when I knew I would NEVER return to my old self. I said to my husband, “I need to succeed. I need to get rid of this terrible gas. I need to have normal bowel movements again. I need to increase my energy. I need to find a way to make this work.” You see, the food prep seemed so time-consuming when I started. If I had started Tamy’s health rebuilding program with the mentality that I needed to lose weight, I would have left my kitchen that night after those 2 recipes didn’t work out and I would have bought some take-out food and never looked back. I would have quit Tamy’s program and forged forward to find another fad diet to grab hold of. But it wasn’t about the weight loss; it was about fixing my gut and healing my body. It became about so much more than weight when I started working with Tamy and it’s why I feel great today.

Today, I am 20 pounds lighter, a far cry from my younger years. But I am not done improving my health and expect that as my body heals, my weight will drop at least a few more pounds. The weight I have lost is not the best benefit I have received from working with Tamy. I have little to no gas. I barely ever have a stomach ache. I can go to CrossFit and not worry that I am going to pass gas mid squat. I have less anxiety. I am proud of my accomplishments and how my body looks. I wore shorts for the first time in 20 years (granted it was in Costa Rica but someday I will wear shorts in the continental USA). I can fit into all my old clothes which are far more rewarding than any number on the scale. I continuous receive compliments on how great I look. I even sneak ice cream in from time to time and don’t gain any of the weight back. I have learned to eat in moderation and focus on feeding my body nutrients. I eat vegetables for breakfast every morning, something I thought was very strange before changing my life, and now I miss them if I don’t eat them. My energy level and brain fog are slowly improving although I understand this will take time as my body is not done its healing.

I think what I have written says this without me needing to, but I will say it anyway. Working with Tamy, learning why I should avoid certain foods and why they are detrimental to my health, it has changed my life. If you are struggling like I was, thinking you will never lose weight, thinking you are destined to take medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, anxiety and diabetes eventually due to the fact that you can’t lose weight, I strongly encourage you to talk to Tamy. She offers a free 20-minute session on why she does what she does and it changed my life. She will change your life too when you are ready.

Jessica C.

Rich H.

I initially started working with Tamy for a few reasons. I am 52, and I exercise fairly regularly, but I just never felt well. I felt heavy, sluggish, always tired and drained. My initial goal was simply to be lighter, mainly so that I felt better when exercising. I felt like I was a reasonably healthy eater, but was open to learning more about food & nutrition. I’ll admit that anytime I began to pursue information about eating healthy I was usually overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information, and usually became frustrated and gave up.

I’d known Tamy for a while & knew that she was educated about nutrition and that she lived a very healthy lifestyle. Initially, I feared that she’d have me grazing on hay & weeds beside the road, and condemning me on all of the things I did wrong. I was nervous about being able to really stick with anything she may recommend, and wasn’t sure that I could be honest about any “slip-ups”.
It was nothing like I expected. She laid out clear and simple “guidelines” and backed the guidelines with the reasoning that made sense. While I certainly made major habit changes over time, it was really done incrementally and wasn’t difficult. In fact, it got a bit addicting to learn more and more.

While my goal of becoming lighter was certainly a great benefit (I lost 34 pounds), within 30 days I began to feel much better. I had more energy, I wasn’t nearly as tired, and I felt less stressed. I described the feeling as though someone “washed my windshield”! It’s become very apparent to me that my diet had affected how I felt my entire life, and I hadn’t realized it.

Our food supply is scary, and it's critical to become educated on what works best for you. I’d encourage anyone reading this to sit with Tamy, ask questions, and see what she recommends. It changed my life!

Rich H.